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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Commitment to You

PSA is committed to providing expert diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation in a caring and compassionate manner. At PSA we offer a full range of services to restore your active lifestyle through a unique blend of fellowship and specialty trained physicians.

Registration Packet

At your first appointment, or if you have not been in the office within the last 12 months, you will be asked to complete a patient information form and patient history and physical form. This information assists your physician in your care, therefore complete and accurate information is important. To facilitate the registration process, you may download our registration packet, complete and bring it in with you. If you are unable to download our registration packet, please come to your appointment 15 minutes early to allow time to complete it.

Office Hours and Making an Appointment

Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Friday. To schedule an appointment please call (256) 883-2112.

Your appointment schedule may vary depending on the doctor’s schedule. We believe that everyone’s time is valuable and in the event of a delay, we will do our best to notify you in advance. Please notify us as soon as possible in the event you need to reschedule your appointment. If you need to be seen immediately, we will do our best to accommodate you. Follow-up appointments should be made when you check out.

Waiting Time

At PSA we realize your time is valuable and that every patient and their condition is unique with different needs which may require more time than planned. We will make every effort to provide you with the highest quality care and to minimize your waiting time. In the event of a delay or unforeseen emergency we will notify you and give you an option to reschedule. As this is a critical care practice, there may be times that an emergency may take longer than expected which may cause a delay in clinic start time. Every effort will be made to accommodate for this. We will do our best to notify you if/when this occurs.

Prescription Info

All new prescriptions are given to the patient at the time of the appointment.  If you need a refill on your prescription, please call during the office hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday at (256) 883-2112.  It is PSA’s general policy not to refill lost or stolen prescriptions or refill any requests made after hours.  It is also our policy that all requests for refills received prior to 3:30 p.m. will be addressed the same day.

To facilitate efficient handling, please provide the following information at the time of the request:

  • Your Full Name
  • The name of medication(s) you need refilled (including strength)
  • The pharmacy you use (name and phone number)
  • A number where you can be reached

We will contact you to inform you if your prescription will not be called in or if we have further questions regarding your condition, otherwise, the prescription will be called in by the end of the day.  You will want to check with your pharmacy after 5:30 p.m.  Certain prescriptions are available by written refills only and will require you to pick up the prescription.  At times, a refill may not be given if the patient has not had a visit within the past year, therefore, you may be asked to make an appointment prior to receiving your prescription.

Getting Ready For Your Visit

In order for us to provide the best care for you, it is very important that you bring the following items to your visit:

  • A list of your current medications
  • Any and all diagnostic films other than films performed at Huntsville Hospital and Crestwood Medical Center
  • Insurance information and card
  • Photo ID
  • Information about what treatments and medications have been tried in the past
  • Medical records from prior visits that you think may be helpful
  • Co-payment or minimum payment (given at appointment time) for uninsured patients
  • List of questions you want to ask your physician
  • New Patients:  download a patient registration packet, complete and bring to your appointment