Pulse Oximetry

Pulmonary Exercise Testing is indicated to evaluate unexplained or exercise-induced dyspnea.  It will help determine whether exertional limitations are primary cardiovascular or pulmonary in nature.

Pulse Oximetry is a procedure, which measures the oxygen level in your blood, without having to take a blood sample.

A painless clip is placed on your fingertip or ear lobe, while the staff monitors the reading on a device called a pulse oximeter.

The reading may be monitored for several minutes while you are seated at rest to evaluate your oxygen level without supplemental oxygen.

6 Minute Walk Test

The staff will instruct and observe while you walk with the sensor clip in place to observe your response to exertion (measure the distance a patient can walk in 6 minutes) and measuring the distance you have walked.  You will walk at your own pace.  If your oxygen level decreases, you may be asked to repeat the test with supplemental oxygen.  This process may be repeated several times, until your oxygen level is adequate.